UMPS leadership structure consists of 'Management Board' and the 'Trustee Board':

Management Board


UMPS Management Board which consists of at least 3 current students at the University of Manchester and can be from any discipline or level (undergraduate, Masters and/or PhD). In consistent with the Student Union's regulations, some of the roles within the Management Board include 'the President', 'the Treasurer', 'the Vice-president' and 'the Secretary'. If required, the Management Board may appoint additional students to new roles within the board.

Before the start of each academic year, the Trustee Board in consultation with the University of Manchester Persian Staff Network (UMPSN), may suggest individuals for different positions within the Management Board.

Trustee Board

(University of Manchester Persian Staff Network - UMPSN)

UMPS works in association with the University of Manchester Persian Staff Network (UMPSN) which is a registered staff network at the University, consisting of Iranian academics and scholars working at the University of Manchester. Some of the members of the UMPSN also act in a 'trustee board' capacity to provide support to the MPS management team through regular meetings and active participation in organisation and planning of different events. Another important role of the trustee board is to provide 'continuity' during the transition period between the previous and the new management team. This would provide consistency across the board and would ensure high quality events and activities in each academic year.

Soroush Mirfasihi


Niosha Salimi

Vice president

Korosh Ferdoosi

General Secretary

Saleh Pirouzi


Peyman Asgary

Director of Performance Practice and Theatre


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Dr Amir Keshmiri


Dr Fatemeh Salehi

Academic Trustee Member

Dr Nima Shokri

Academic Trustee Member

Dr Aida Foroutan

Academic Trustee Member

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